“Sincere thanks from me and the whole family for the beautiful music at my mother’s funeral yesterday. The singing was stunning under your expert direction, and made what is inevitably a sad and difficult occasion, uplifting and memorable. Everybody I spoke to after the service was extremely complimentary, a number saying they had wanted to give a hearty round of applause, and only did not do so because it felt inappropriate!”

Chobham, Surrey
Choir, Organist & Director - October 2021

“I didn’t have a chance to thank than musicians. Will you do so properly on my behalf? They were absolutely perfect and I only wish my father had been there to enjoy them along with all his friends as he would have loved it.” ...continue reading

North London
Trad Jazz Band - August 2021

“Thank you so very much. It was absolutely beautiful and so perfect. We loved it and it was all that my mother would have hoped for. Everyone remarked, and some were quite overwhelmed, by the music and the singing.” ...continue reading

Choir of 8 singers, Organist & Director - November 2020

“Thank you so much for making Dad’s funeral so wonderful. Everyone there felt that your music was deeply moving, and a fitting way to help us all to remember my father.”

Choir, Organist & Director - February 2020

“I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Can you please pass on my personal thanks to Mike, who I unfortunately didn’t get to say goodbye to on the day due having to get to crematorium.  He was incredible and really made the service so special, it was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Thank you again for all your help.” ...continue reading

Pinner, Middlesex
Guitarist - January 2020

“I am very slow to email you to thank you for putting together all the music for my Mother’s Service of Thanksgiving.  It really made all the difference between being a lovely service and being a really exceptional one. It is such a beautiful church and the music was perfect for the setting, for Mum and for all of us. Several people have written and said how wonderful the choir and the music were. I have never had to put together a memorial service before (thank goodness) and my father and I were so grateful for your help and advice. You really helped structure the whole event and give balance to the service as well as helping with the detail of the proofing. The choir sang so beautifully and I now frequently listen to recordings of both the requiem and O Magnum Mysterium  - I wish of course that we had recorded your choir singing everything so perfectly. A huge and belated thank you for your advice, calmness, professional expertise and most of all for helping us even begin to do justice to Mum’s life.” ...continue reading

St Cross, Winchester
Choir, Organist & Director - November 2019

“I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely beautiful music that you provided for my mother’s funeral last Friday. Everyone commented on how stunning it was. Thank you for your professionalism and sensitivity and for the expert way in which you guided me through the process of choosing the right music. It was simply perfect and we all agreed that it was a superb celebration of my mother’s life.” ...continue reading

Greenwich, London
Choir, Organist & Director - November 2019

“I can’t thank you enough for the music which you brought to our service last Sunday. Every single piece was played and sung perfectly and the choice of music, with your help, was absolutely appropriate to the occasion. Julian’s wife Beryl was absolutely delighted with it all, and seemed to find it more joyous than upsetting which is perfect. Please pass on my congratulations to all of your colleagues, with a special thank you to Will the organist. The organ music was an extremely important part of the service to us and he played magnificently. And thanks to you for your kindness at what has been a rather difficult time for the family. Here’s hoping that the next time we call on your services, it’s for a wedding! With very best regards” ...continue reading

Westbury, Wiltshire
Choir, Organist & Director - November 2019

“Thank you and your choir for making such a difference to my Mother’s service. The singing made the service uplifting, my Mother had a long and happy life and she would have loved the service which is what we wanted. I also wanted to thank you for all the time and trouble you took in helping us with the order of service, we got it just right.” ...continue reading

Choir, Organist & Director - October 2019

“Further to our conversation, I cannot describe in words (or music!) what a difference you and the choir made to my father’s funeral service. From the attention to detail in the planning stages and the advice on the music choices, to the skillful and uplifting execution of the hymns on the day of the funeral – it was flawless especially given our geographical distance (New York and London). We were inundated at the wake with queries of “who were that wonderful choir – they sang like angels”. Indeed you did. I knew from my wedding how talented a group of artists you are and with my expectations already raised, you exceeded them again. You raised the overall service to another level and it was the most fitting tribute we could give my father. Thank you also for your flexibility in arranging “More” for both the organ and for a choir – not sure how your talented organist got those notes out of that organ! Frankly, I thought you sang it better than Andy Williams. Thank you again to you, the choir and the organist for making a difficult day memorable for all the right reasons.” ...continue reading

West Sussex
Choir, Organist & Director - June 2019

“I am so sorry that I did not see you in person to say hello & then a huge thank you for all your help & guidance with the music for my husband's Celebration of his life. My husband loved music, particularly choral. He would so have loved the music. Every single person that I spoke to commented on the music and the singing. Few people knew that there was going to be such beautiful music, seeing all the heads turn as the L’Inviti Singers started to sing was magical. Having a superb organist was perfect. With you conducting it made the service a wonderful experience. A magical send off for Brian. Thank you. A comment that was made in an email “I don’t think anyone will forget the L’Inviti Singers, what voices, absolutely spine tingling, reaching deep into one’s emotional core”. It made the service perfect, thank you. The vicar wrote to me to say it was so wonderful to have such beautiful singing in the church. Once again thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction.” ...continue reading

Ottershaw, Surrey
Choir, Organist & Director - June 2019

“Thank you for your attendance at, and the provision of sublime music for my mother's funeral on Tuesday. Absolute professionals who generated a warm and sincere ambiance. The music was absolutely perfect and exactly what I had hoped for. I received many comments along the lines that my mother would have fitted in completely and you provided her with a totally fitting send off that she would have loved. I am also grateful for your assistance and suggestions while I was in the planning stage and rather feeling my way.” ...continue reading

Alvescot, Oxfordshire
Choir, Organist & Director - April 2019

Funeral Director - “I could not let today pass without expressing my personal thanks to you and The L’Inviti Singers for the performance given at St. Mary’s Church, Eaton Bray this afternoon. Your attention to detail is second to none and the singers faultless…please do extend my personal thanks to everyone concerned.” The Client - “Just a quick line to thank you and your choir, and organist of course, so very much  for making my dear Mum’s funeral so memorable. Your help with the choice of music was greatly appreciated and the performances on the day outstanding, truly wonderful. I hope our paths meet again someday” ...continue reading

Chesham, Buckinghamshire
Male Voice Choir, Organist & Director - April 2019

“It was everything I had hoped for and way beyond that. Every single person I have spoken to thought the choral presentation was quite out of this world. Please tell the organist and each member of the choir how special that performance was, how special they made the day and how very grateful I am.” ...continue reading

Memorial Service, Notting Hill, London
Choir of 16, Organist & Director - January 2019

“Your music yesterday was more beautiful than anything I could have hoped for. We are all eternally grateful to you, your choir and the organist. I could single one or two things out such as Nella Fantasia or the Lord is my Shepherd but to be quite honest each piece of music played or sung was of such quality that it blew my mind again and again! I honestly had no idea that it could be that good I think because I had never heard that calibre of singing in a village church. It was highly emotional throughout and the most fitting tribute to my niece and sister in law. I know that hearing music that beautiful is good for the soul and in this especially tragic case, healing for all those present. It was incredibly powerful and I know that every single person there felt it. Thank you and your team for everything you did to make yesterday everything we had hoped it would be and so much more.” ...continue reading

Funeral in Petworth
Choir, Organist & Director - November 2018

“I cannot tell you how delighted I was with the music. The quality exceeded all expectations and I certainly envisage employing your services again – hopefully for a happier occasion. So many people commented on the music: “spine-tingling” and “I want the singers for my own funeral” are among the many plaudits received. I must admit I’d agreed that I may or may not speak, depending on how I felt at the time, but I was personally so uplifted by the music that I found myself able. The whole occasion was the best possible “send-off” I could have wished for and I do sincerely thank you the enormous contribution you and the other musicians made.” ...continue reading

Funeral in Staffordshire
Choir, Organist & Director - October 2018

“I am writing to say thank you for providing the wonderful music at my mother’s funeral on Tuesday. I felt we were able to honour the woman my mother was in a manner she would have approved of, and the music was a large part of that. Many of the guests commented on quality of the music after the service and said how beautiful and moving it was. Please pass on my thanks to the musicians. Thank you also for your advice in the preparation of the service sheets and helping us to shoehorn so much music into the service.” ...continue reading

Funeral in Richmond, Surrey
Choir, Organist & Director - September 2018

“I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for finding me such a fabulous musician to accompany my sister-in-law at my brother's funeral. Peter played wonderfully and all went well.” ...continue reading

Funeral in Essex
Organist - September 2018

“A big thank you for the jazz band that you arranged for the funeral on Monday. The family were over the moon and it put a smile on everyone’s face when they appeared and played. We will definitely use you again! If you require feedback for other clients just let me know.” ...continue reading

Alan Stephen, Funeral Director, St Monan’s Church
Fife New Orleans Jazz Band - September 2018

“I would like to thank you and the choir for the beautiful singing at my aunt’s funeral at the Italian Church on Saturday. It was marvellous and would have very much pleased my aunt who sang as soprano soloist at the Italian Church for over twenty years and who had definite views on music! It was at her personal request that the Pie Jesu had to be that of Niedermeyer. I think it was a new piece to most people at the funeral and they were completely entranced by it. Thank you again for helping to give my aunt a fitting and memorable farewell.” ...continue reading

Putney Vale Crematorium
Choir, Organist & Director - September 2018

“Thank you so much for yesterday. I had lots of appreciative comments from both my family and many other guests. I don’t think anyone has experienced having such singing at a funeral – certainly not in a crematorium (except for twenty years ago…)! It was beautiful in every way. Most people knew the Faure and enjoyed that familiarity but I don’t think the spiritual was so well known: my sister-in-law confessed that she wasn’t sure she was going to like it but she said it was absolutely lovely. And so it was. Someone else said they really appreciated the mixture of things they knew and things they didn’t.” ...continue reading

Putney Vale Crematorium
Choir & Organist - August 2018

“As ever, the music you organised and your team performed was absolutely wonderful. You really do provide a very special and unique service. Everyone commented afterwards on how moving the music was.” ...continue reading

Funeral in Surrey
Choir & Organist - June 2018

“A heartfelt thanks from all the family for the music at dad’s funeral yesterday. It was so beautiful, exceeding our expectations by far. You were all worth twice the fee, some of the most gifted and talented singers we have ever heard, beautifully directed. We were very lucky to have found you. The singers made a MASSIVE difference to the hymns, which can sound a little sad with a small group of mourners who can’t sing. No one who was present will forget the lovely singing. The Miserere was stunning, the best rendition I have ever heard, and suited I think by the acoustics of our lovely if simple church. Very many thanks for all your care and help with the service order, we really do appreciate it“ ...continue reading

Choir & Organist - May 2018

“Just a brief note sent from the heart to thank you so much for the most beautiful music today at Mum's funeral. I couldn't let the day go by without saying something. It was absolutely exquisite, beyond our hopes and expectations - and your kindness, compassion, time and understanding of mum and of what we wanted to achieve for her have been amazing. It could not have been more perfect. We are so very, very grateful.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in London
Choir & Organist - April 2018

“I can’t thank you and the rest of the choir enough on behalf of myself and the rest of the family for the tremendous difference you all made to my mother’s funeral earlier today. It was exactly what we were hoping for and it made the service so special and memorable - everyone in attendance thought the singing was superb. Thank you, too, for all the help, support and advice you have given us over the last 10 days or so.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in Hertfordshire
Choir - January 2018

“We were all so pleased with how the service went and are united in our gratitude for the work and skill you put into it on our behalf.“

Funeral in Derbyshire
Choir & Organist - December 2017

“I wanted to write to say a heartfelt thank you for all your help with the music for my Dad’s funeral mass. The musicians were magnificent and everyone commented on the beautiful music.“

Funeral in Selkirkshire
Soloist & Organist - October 2017

“I am afraid I did not manage to meet you today but I did so want to thank you for the marvelous music that you organised for Ian's funeral. Everyone, but everyone thought it was really special and most beautifully sung. I am really grateful to you, the organist and singers for having performed so faultlessly and made what could have been a difficult and dolorous occasion most uplifting and memorable. Would you convey my thanks to all concerned.“ ...continue reading

Funeral, Notting Hill
Choir & Organist - August 2017

“A huge thanks to the choir and organist for giving my father a fabulous musical send off yesterday. Those attending the memorial all remarked on the outstanding singing.  Many thanks to you too for organising this all rather last minute.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in Canterbury, Kent
Choir & Organist - August 2017

“I would once again like to thank you and your choir members for their big contribution to my brothers funeral. Having had your choir for mums funeral almost four years ago now and I knew how great Colin thought you were I felt we must have them at his.  It was a wonderful celebration of his life and the choir was beautiful. “ ...continue reading

Funeral in Kent
Choir & Organist - July 2017

“I wanted to thank you and the choir and organist for everything you did on 21 July in Eastbourne. You made a huge difference to my family with your wonderful performances of so many beautiful pieces of music. The music was flawless and the entire congregation were hugely impressed. It made a difficult day so much more bearable.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in East Sussex
Choir & Organist - July 2017

“You and your team were amazing to go to Grimsby to make our Mother’s service so special and your kindly dealing with so much red tape for us will always be greatly appreciated! A big thank you from us all for your amazing support and beautiful music - it must have been a first for the crematorium and won't be forgotten! Thank you again for going to so much trouble at such short notice - we will always be very grateful.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in North-East Lincolnshire
Choir & Organist - May 2017

“You and the choir were absolutely fantastic, and made what was a difficult time something I can look back on with fond memories. My mother would have been delighted with the singing and the fact you enabled all of us to sing with gusto to the hymns. Every single person enthused over the singing and I know it is something they will all talk about in years to come. It was a truly beautiful sound and our only regret for the entire day was that we had not recorded the choir so we could remind ourselves of how uplifting you all were.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in Hertfordshire
Choir - March 2017

“Just a line to say a huge thank you for providing us with such great musicians for the funeral yesterday. They were all excellent and it passed off as well as these things can. So many people commented afterwards on how lovely and uplifting the music was, and it really brought huge comfort to the family.“ ...continue reading

Funeral in Stoke
Gospel Choir - February 2017